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Darla Weaver

Founding President

Darla Weaver is a wife and mother of two, an Assembly of God minister and "pastor's wife" of a growing Cowboy Church in a small town in Texas. She and her husband co-pastor the church together which was founded in 2000.

In 2002 she also founded Acts of Grace Ministries, a ministry to those who have been sexually abused and or have an abortion. Acts of Grace Ministries was developed out of her own need for healing due to a past filled with these types of wounds. Looking into the eyes of men and women who are hurting birthed a desire in Darla to share with others the truths that God revealed to her. With Darla's heartfelt and reality based writing style, she will share with you her battles and her victories to encourage you to move forward as a whole person. Leaving the past behind to take our rightful place as precious sons of the King helps us to know that being a Christian is something we are, not something that we do on Sundays."

Julie Barnard

Ministry Coordinator

Originally from Dallas, I have lived in Montgomery since 2000. My husband, Bill (1995), and I have two Labrador retrievers. They are our very spoiled, furry four-legged children. After hearing Darla Weaver’s testimony in 2008, I knew I would be involved with Acts of Grace but I just didn’t know in what capacity. In spring 2010, I participated in the sexual abuse bible study. It is not an understatement to say it changed my life. Old, forgotten wounds were healed and high, thick walls were broken down. God has called me to help grow this ministry. As ministry coordinator, it is my privilege to bring this very necessary, one of a kind ministry to a world that so desperately needs it.

Shellay Scheuneman

Inventory Coordinator

Kawkawlin, Michigan, was my home until I was 16. At that time, my parents moved to Bay City. I left home and went out on my own - - starting my family of 4 children at the age of 18. Due to job instability in Michigan, my husband was able to transfer to Texas and we settled in Montgomery where I began attending Lone Star Cowboy Church. It was there that I heard the testimony of Darla Weaver and was able to take the sexual abuse bible study where I received great healing. For the past two years, I have been a part of Acts of Grace.

Bill Barnard

Media Coordinator

I have seen the blessings that Acts of Grace Ministries can bring to the lives of the men and women who participate, and have seen first-hand the healing, growth, and miracles that occur as a result of working through tough issues in Acts of Grace Bible Studies. Both my wife Julie of 15 years, and my sister Kat have participated in different AOGM classes, and the results are simply awesome. I am so proud to have been asked to be a part of the Acts of Grace team!