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Leadership Training

Acts of Grace Ministries uses a format for Bible study ministry that is easily adjusted to any church and their ministry needs. We have developed a method of ministry to women and men, targeting discipleship and personal connection. In our busy world of work and family, many times people need help but don't know who to ask or who can be trusted. We want to bridge the gap for people so they can have honest relationships.

The objective of each Leadership Training is to give instruction in how to lead Bible studies in the areas of sexual abuse and abortion. In our society today there are many who are hurting but do not know where to turn or whom they may trust, sometimes even within the church. Their fear of being "found out" keeps them from exposing their true self. Their desire to "leave the past in the past" makes them want to pretend that everything is ok even when they know it is not. Our goal is to help to develop leaders within churches who are compassionate and empathetic toward these sensitive and confidential areas using the Bible as the source of recovery.



  • Who in the church needs help? The pastors need leaders and the people need relationships
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in relation to sexual abuse and abortion.
  • We will show you how to implement our small group Bible study format.
  • Overview of the suggested Bible Studies for each of these areas along along with a step by step leaders guide for facilitating theses studies.
  • Exercises that complement the different areas of healing are taught.
  • After attending a Leadership Training, Acts of Grace Ministry materials can be purchased here and used to minister to others in each church.
  • Your group can also then be listed on our website as an official Acts of Grace location, by downloading this form and mailing it in.


    Letter from the Founder:

    I would like to thank you for attending the Acts of Grace Ministries Bible Study Leaders Training.

    In 2000, God began working in my life for change. I had been sexually abused from the time I was approximately three years old until the age of ten, with two rapes occurring, one in High School the other in College. At 16 years old I aborted my oldest son Joshua in Austin, Texas at an abortion clinic. With all of those years of heartache and pain, there were many walls that were built as a form of self protection. Unfortunately, my walls also kept people from knowing the real person I was inside. Fear kept me immobile both mentally and spiritually.

    Throughout the first 17 years of marriage to my minister husband, and raising two beautiful children, I hid the pain of my past from everyone. Although some knew my past, no one knew the depth of my pain; it was too hard to even talk to God about. The shame and devaluation of sexual abuse and being used, the guilt and condemnation of the abortion, seemed to be my burden to bear alone. With no person that I felt I could open up to, isolation kept me from feeling like anything other than a freak for my emotional state. “After all, no minister’s wife should have a past such as mine”, was the words that I told myself over and over. People would hate me if they really knew me.

    I am so thankful that one day, God gave me the opportunity to open up to someone who would not judge me. Her words in response to my cry for help were, “It is ok, you are perfectly normal and everything is going to be ok. We will work through this together.” What a relief to know that I was normal in my despair, and there was someone who was willing to walk me through some of the deepest needs I that I had in the area of emotional healing.

    In 2006, I founded Acts of Grace Ministries, in an effort to reach out to men and women in the same manner that someone had reached out to me. Acts of Grace Ministries ministers to men and women who have been sexually abused and/or have had abortions. The needs are great, in that 1 in 3 women have been sexually abused as well as 1 in 6 men. According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute (2005 report), 22% of all known pregnancies in America end in abortion, Texas percentage is 18. We have many men and women not only on the outside of church, wounded and needing help, but also sitting in our pews. Today, the church is in need of healing. That healing can start one person at a time, allowing God to heal the broken places of the heart. In turn we must reach out to the next person to help him or her with the broken places of the heart.

    In attending an Acts of Grace Ministries Bible Study Leaders Training, you will learn how the Bible Studies that are specific to these areas of healing are led from a Biblical perspective. We are not trained professionals, just men and women who desire to help others. Our goal is to encourage the renewal of forgiveness by building confidential and supportive relationships within the church and community, by offering hope and compassionate help for people like us.

    Join us in our effort to restore the waste places in the lives of those we love.


    Darla Weaver


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