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Training Host Checklist


Thank you for your interest in hosting an Acts of Grace Ministries Leadership Conference! In order to facilitate the best possible training, we have put together a list of needs that we require. Some locations may need slight adjustments, and we are flexible in working with the needs of the host.


___The time needed is 8 hours for each conference, on a Saturday, and is $45.00 per person (includes Training Manual).

___Set and secure date with Acts of Grace Ministries as well as a Conference Room at the host location.

___For best response advertise the conference several months in advance, word of mouth is great advertisement! The registration form is posted on line and the dates with each location will be listed on the website calendar.

___Host location must pay for hotel accommodations for two people, plus travel expenses which include meals for two and fuel.

Room Setup:

___Room should include comfortable chairs, adequate lighting and tables, a temperature that is comfortable, with access to a kitchen and bathroom.

___Secure a podium and stool, microphone, TV with DVD player, and a small table for products.

___Set up tables in a U shaped pattern. This will encourage participation during the conference.


___Make arrangements for a continental breakfast with coffee and juice, as well as lunch to be served at noon.

___Include tissues, small bowls of mints, chocolates, nuts on the tables. Please also include water, tea and coffee throughout the day.

For more information on hosting a conference please contact Julie at or through the "Contact Us" page of this website.